Download the official Emirati application "ALHOSN" in order to curb the spread of Covid-19, you will be able to find out who has been in contact with individuals infected with the virus, the application also allows you to view test results.
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ALHOSN is the official Emirati application from the health authorities to contain any contact related to COVID- 19 and to ensure health testing . The App provides health protection to people who were close to COVID -19 cases and to prevent any spread of the virus. It also provides residents with access to their test results and a health color coding system that identifies and allows individuals that are free from COVID-19 disease to access public spaces. By using the app, everyone can help stop the spread of COVID-19, and keep their family and friends safe.

What is ALHOSN?

ALHOSN is the official UAE app for contact tracing and health testing related to COVID-19 for health authorities.

The app helps trace people who have been in close proximity to confirmed COVID-19 cases to prevent the spread of the virus. It also provides residents with access to their test results and a health color coding system that identifies and allows individuals that are free from COVID-19 disease to access public spaces.

By using the app, everyone can help stop the spread of COVID-19, and keep their family and friends safe.

Why do we need the app?
The nationwide use of the app will help us to:
  • Protect ourselves: if you had close contact with a COVID-19 case, whether or not you know the person, ALHOSN helps contact tracers get you tested more quickly
  • Protect our loved ones: being contacted earlier allows us to better protect those around us, reducing the spread of the virus.
  • Protect our community: ALHOSN makes it faster to complete contact tracing on a national level so we can all get back to our normal lives. When most people use it, we will be able to control the spread of COVID-19
What is contact tracing?
Contact tracing is a method used to effectively control infectious disease outbreaks globally. It is based on identifying people that have been in close proximity to people that are infected, and then contacting them so they can be tested by the health care authority.
How does ALHOSN use contact tracing to protect us?

ALHOSN uses an encrypted Secure Tracing Identifier (STI) that is exchanged locally on devices of individuals in proximity of one another. The STI consists of anonymized data and a timestamp. The anonymized STI is stored in encrypted form temporarily for 3 weeks on the phone. No personally identifiable information is collected throughout the entire process.


What if I suspect that I have been near an infected COVID-19 patient?
You should contact your local health care provider immediately to to check what is required in order to get tested.  If you are confirmed with the virus, you will be contacted by the relevant authorities to get your consent to share with them the ALHOSN Secure Tracing Identifier (STI) list.
Can I book a COVID-19 test through the ALHOSN app?
No. At this time, ALHOSN can only receive your test results. Appointments are not done automatically via the app
How soon shall I get tested after I am notified?
You should be tested immediately in order to ensure the safety to the people around you.
What if I’m a visitor without an Emirates ID, can I still register to the ALHOSN app?
Currently the app requires a valid Emirates ID and associated number. In future releases you will also be able to use your Passport to sign up.


Who should use the ALHOSN app?

Everyone in the UAE should use the ALHOSN app. Currently, the ALHOSN app can be downloaded and installed by anyone in the UAE using a supported Bluetooth-enabled smartphone on Android or iOS.

The effectiveness of the app is based on nationwide use to ensure everyone is protected. Within a family or household, individuals that do not have phones can have their accounts associated with a caregiver’s account. Children, the elderly, and Persons of Determination should have accounts – everyone in the UAE should have an account.

Where can I download the app?

You can download the ALHOSN UAE app from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store for free.

Register and authenticate by entering your Emirates ID and phone number followed by the OTP sent to your phone.

It is mandatory to turn on Bluetooth and push notifications on your smartphone.


What happens if I uninstall ALHOSN UAE
Once uninstalled, all records and Secure Tracing Identifier (STI) data will be deleted.
How is my privacy protected?

Your personal information is stored on the ALHOSN app in an encrypted form. When the app communicates with other phones, your personal details are anonymized. The health authorities will only need to access the contact data list of an individual who is infected.


How do I make sure the ALHOSN app is working correctly?

The easiest way to make sure the app is working is to keep the app running and check or refresh it from time to time.

If the app stops working for any reason you will receive a notification.

Does ALHOSN require internet connection after installation?

An internet connection is required when you first install the ALHOSN app. Subsequently, ALHOSN will periodically require updates, internet connection is required for this process.

The app does not consume data under all circumstances. If your ALHOSN app has stopped working, you will also need to have internet connection to re-start the app.

If I am contacted, how can I be sure it is the health authority?

When the health authority contacts you, they will validate your identity and provide you with support and guidance. Before they request you to share the contact tracing data, they will seek your consent and provide you with a unique code. You can verify the code with the corresponding verification code displayed in your app.

Official authorities will never ask you for personal financial details or request you to transfer any money. If you receive such a call, please notify the police immediately.

How quickly will my COVID-19 test results be displayed on the ALHOSN app?
Once the tests results are made available by the health care authority they will displayed immediately on the ALHOSN app.
Do I need to keep Bluetooth and my notification settings on?

Yes you must keep your Bluetooth on at all times.

Bluetooth is used to determine if you’ve been near someone carrying COVID-19. It is the key technology element that will help protect you and your family. If you don’t keep Bluetooth on your phone you are taking major risks.

Will the ALHOSN app work on my smart watch?
Will the ALHOSN app work on my older Android/iPhone?
The ALHOSN app is supported on most iOS and Android phones.
How much data will the app use when it’s on and not on WIFI? Will it count against my monthly mobile data allowance?
The app will require WIFI or data if you are asked to transmit and receive information to/from the health care authority. Bluetooth does not require data from a service provider.
What is an OTP?
An OTP is a One Time Password that is sent directly to your phone as an additional layer of security.
Why do I need to enable location permissions?
Some devices, for example Android devices, require the location permission to be granted in order for the ALHOSN app to access Bluetooth features.