Download the official Emirati application "ALHOSN" in order to curb the spread of Covid-19, you will be able to find out who has been in contact with individuals infected with the virus, the application also allows you to view test results.
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ALHOSN is the official Emirati application from the health authorities to contain any contact related to COVID- 19 and to ensure health testing . The App provides health protection to people who were close to COVID -19 cases and to prevent any spread of the virus. It also provides residents with access to their test results and a health color coding system that identifies and allows individuals that are free from COVID-19 disease to access public spaces. By using the app, everyone can help stop the spread of COVID-19, and keep their family and friends safe.

What is ALHOSN?
Why do we need the app?
What is contact tracing?
How does ALHOSN use contact tracing to protect us?


What if I suspect that I have been near an infected COVID-19 patient?
Can I book a COVID-19 test through the ALHOSN app?
How soon shall I get tested after I am notified?
What if I’m a visitor without an Emirates ID, can I still register to the ALHOSN app?


Who should use the ALHOSN app?
Where can I download the app?


What happens if I uninstall ALHOSN UAE
How is my privacy protected?


How do I make sure the ALHOSN app is working correctly?
Does ALHOSN require internet connection after installation?
If I am contacted, how can I be sure it is the health authority?
How quickly will my COVID-19 test results be displayed on the ALHOSN app?
Do I need to keep Bluetooth and my notification settings on?
Will the ALHOSN app work on my smart watch?
Will the ALHOSN app work on my older Android/iPhone?
How much data will the app use when it’s on and not on WIFI? Will it count against my monthly mobile data allowance?
What is an OTP?
Why do I need to enable location permissions?