Safety Tip1

Safety Tips


Face masks

Physical Distancing

Maintain and practice physical distancing

National Sterilization Program

Advise during operations of the national sterilization program in the Emirates

How To Greet Others

How to greet others without getting infected with the new virus?


Are antibiotics effective in preventing and treating coronavirus

Sneezing Etiquette1

Etiquette of sneezing


Fact check: Covid-19 is not airborne!


How to wash your hands the right way

Hand Sanitizers

Attention hand sanitizer and fire

Physical Distancing

Physical distancing is not social isolation

Ways To Stay Active During The Weekend

During the weekend enjoy reading a book

Working Remotely

How to succeed as a remote worker

Shopping Safety Tips

Shopping safety tip

Cooking At Home

Cook at home instead of ordering food online

Leave Shoes Outside

Make sure to leave shoes outside the house

Elevator Etiquette

Elevator etiquette

Hand Sanitizer Facts

Facts about hands sanitizer