Vaccination against Covid-19 will have positive effects in the community, says NCEMA as it urges youth to receive vaccine

Vaccination against Covid-19 will have positive effects in the community, says NCEMA as it urges youth to receive vaccine

Considering the positive effects of the vaccination program in the United Arab Emirates, the youth has been rigid during the Tuesday briefing to get vaccinated and not delay the process as vaccines are essential to combat the Covid-19 pandemic.


In the Emirati nation, vaccination has proved to be immensely beneficial as it has essentially broken the chain of infections and maintained the country’s achievement in battling the coronavirus. The call came during the media briefing by the director-general of the Federal Youth Authority, Saeed Al Nazari.


The director said that Youth must be responsible during these times and must continue to abide by the covid-19 precautionary measures. “They should also get vaccinated as soon as possible in order to achieve full recovery,” he added.


The Senior officials said, “Abiding by the rules is an individual responsibility and a national obligation.”Al Nazari further urged the youth to inculcate the qualities needed to promote mental health, which include allocating time to you family to communicate and making it a priority to communicate with specialists in the field of psychology


Along with his directions, Nazari spoke integer about how the youth in the Emirate is responsible enough to understand its role in the country as hence they are armed with Zayed’s values in supporting their country in its efforts in managing such emergency situations in the country.


He added that the youth makes up for the majority of the population responsible for handling the pandemic more efficiently as they contribute to the social group backed with knowledge, training, and skill, which are necessary to face such kinds of challenges.


During the press briefing, the senior official also noted that the authorities currently are working on different activities and events for youth to develop potential in various fields. It can be professional participation or modern technologies, there are many fields on the list.


“They must work to utilize their time and skills in serving the nation,” Al Nazari said adding that the youth must understand that the youth plays a huge role in this unique phase of the change that the society is going through.


Throughout the pandemic, the officials of the UAE have conducted more than 500 remote activities, events, or programs that involved working with nearly 190 public and private entities. Through this, the aim of the UAE authorities was to help more than 30,000 young men, women reach new heights of talent and achievements.

He also noted that the UAE’s youth is completely capable of providing healthcare to all the community members in innovative and sustainable ways. They have been and continue to contribute to the highest level of services in the healthcare sector matching up the international standards. 

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