UAE's Ministry of Economy adjusts fees for some of its services to ease the financial burden for bus

The Ministry Of Economy Adjusts The Fees Of Some Services

As part of the UAE's Federal Government's efforts to ease the financial burden on companies and customers, the Ministry of Economy has started to adjust some fees for services provided through its official website. 

The Ministry announced that customers will be able to access its e-services platform using their digital ID's. The Ministry also announced that its system will undergo maintenance starting Tuesday to deploy the needed applications for its electronic payment system, which may result into some service interruptions.

The Ministry explained how to upgrade the smart access account to a digital ID for companies and customers, using a clear three-step process that was explained through a link published on its website. 

This comes after the Ministry announced implementing a new list of adjusted fees for services provided to the public and the business community, whether through its website or the customer happiness centres, under the cabinet's resolution to reduce government service fees. 

The adjusted fees are seen as a positive step to reduce the cost of doing business and investment in the country, as it eases the financial burdens of business owners and small and medium enterprises. 

Moreover, this recent step reflects the Ministry of Economy's commitment towards providing a friendly environment for businesses and enterprises in the country, in order to incentivize and encourage the growth of the UAE's private sector.

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