UAE: Residents now have simple access to high-quality healthcare thanks to a new service

UAE: Residents now have simple access to high-quality healthcare thanks to a new service

May 15, 2022: Insurance company and financial firm GuideMeDoc have teamed up to announce a first-of-its-kind cooperation in the area, with the goal of providing ease of access to high-quality healthcare to UAE residents. 

Noting that medical inflation has been increasing at a rate of 18% to 20% per year, several people are not able to afford quality healthcare in the country. The two companies joined hands to resolve the issue and offer state-of-the-art services to people in need. 

Customers can use the service to access a platform where they can compare health insurance plans and make an informed decision about which coverage is best for them. They can also use value-added healthcare concierge services, which will provide them with assistance and guidance throughout their medical journey.

"We are extremely thrilled to join with GuideMeDoc," said Neeraj Gupta, CEO of 

"Our partnership will foster innovation and provide a positive customer experience, ensuring that they obtain high-quality healthcare services when and where they need them,” he added. 

Customers will benefit from the assistance and will be able to choose hospitals and doctors both within and outside their insurance policy network (insurance policy coverage will apply solely within network and based on an annual limit), whether they require minor or significant health treatments. In order to make an informed decision, GuideMeDoc will also assist our customers in speaking with other patients who have undergone similar treatments.

Team GuideMEeDoc will be on hand to assist consumers with everything from scheduling appointments with renowned doctors to coordinating with hospitals and clinics on any big or little operation they desire.

Customers of can now get health exams, including lab and diagnostic testing, at a discounted rate.

Dr. Gulshan Vijayshankar, co-founder and partner of GuideMeDoc, said, "Our team of seasoned healthcare professionals will provide a personal touch to build a strategic relationship that will assure to take digital health services a step further in the UAE."

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