UAE: Public recommended to wear masks despite no change in rules

UAE: Public recommended to wear masks despite no change in rules

To stay safe and decrease the risk of transmitting Covid-19, health officials in the UAE are asking people to maintain wearing face masks and take other preventive precautions.

At Wednesday's Covid-19 media briefing, Dr. Taher Al Ameri, a spokesman for the National Crisis and Emergency Management Authority, stressed that the public should adopt a culture of self-protection to preserve the advances gained in fighting the pandemic.

"We're working hard to keep the virus from spreading further, and happily, we've observed a decline in new infections and no deaths since March 7," he said.

He added that they are proud to have resumed their normal lives, and everyone should continue to adhere to all safety precautions.

People are no longer required to wear face masks outside under current Covid regulations. The rule is in effect all over the UAE. However, face masks must be worn in all public interior spaces, including shopping malls. There were no new modifications announced.

When travelling over the summer holidays, Dr. Al Ameri advised individuals to research processes and restrictions in neighbouring nations.

"For their own safety and to avoid fines, we advise citizens and residents who intend to travel to check the norms and procedures of the countries they wish to visit," he said.

"People should follow all preventive measures taken in other nations, especially as instances continue to rise in many regions of the world," says the statement.

In recent months, the number of new cases in the UAE has decreased significantly.

After peaking at 3,000 in January with the discovery of the Omicron strain, daily case counts have been hovering around 200 in the first ten days of May. On Wednesday, it climbed to 300 points.

A rigorous mass-screening programme has been a key to the country's recovery strategy, with over 157 million tests completed to date, and 97.82 percent of the population completely vaccinated.

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