UAE launches new digital platform to provide documentation services for newborns

UAE launches new digital platform to provide documentation services for newborns

UAE authorities have developed a new integrated digital platform titled 'Mabrouk Ma Yak' with the aim of providing services related to newborn Emiratis. 

The platform will help in providing services like the issuance of a birth certificate for newly-born children, addition of newborn child to the family book, registration of the child's name in the population registry, issuance of a passport and Emirates ID and issuance of a health insurance for the child.

The authorities have further explained that the father is required to register necessary details beforehand on the digital platform. Furthermore, the father should submit a request for the required service, confirming that he holds UAE citizenship. At the same time, the wife should also be added in the family book. It is necessary that the child is born in one of the hospitals providing the Mabrouk Ma Yak service.

As per officials, at least 15 entities and 90 hospitals in the UAE are registered with the service. In addition, 57,000 registration requests have come so far for providing the service:

Here are all the documents newborn Emiratis can get through the service: 

  • Birth certificate
  • Their name added in the family book
  • Passport
  • Emirates ID
  • Thiqa (insurance)
  • Their name recorded in the population register

Pre-requisites for the service

  • The father must apply for the service within three months of the date of the baby's birth.
  • The father must be a UAE national and his wife should be added to the family book.
  • The father must have a verified account on UAE Pass.
  • The baby must be born at one of the hospitals registered with the Mabrouk Ma Yak service

Documents required

  • Valid Emirates ID of both parents
  • Family book
  • Marriage certificate (If the woman is delivering for the first time)

Steps for getting the identification documents

  • Parents must inform the hospital that they wish to avail the Mabrouk Ma Yak service.
  • They will receive an SMS confirming completion of the procedure. The SMS will include a link to complete your request online
  • they must log in to the Mabrouk Ma Yak Service portal and fill in the name of the newborn baby and upload his/her photo
  • Pay Dh23 for fees for the service online
  • They will receive an SMS requesting them to visit General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners’ Affairs. They are required to take the original family book.
  • They will receive all identification documents of the newborns.

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