UAE Health Council discusses ways to strengthen health system

UAE Health Council discusses ways to strengthen health system

The UAE Health Council recently organised a meeting in Dubai to discuss potential ways to enhance cooperation and integration of health initiatives and projects. The meeting also saw discussions on key health issues and strategic plans to resolve these issues, including the standardisation of medical licenses for health practitioners. The UAE Health Council also talked about establishing the UAE Center for Disease Prevention and Control as well as UAE Food and Drug Center.

Chaired by Abdul Rahman bin Mohamed Al Owais, Minister of Health and Prevention, the meeting witnessed the review of recent achievements made by the UAE's health sector. It is due to the support and directives of the wise leadership of the UAE that the health sector was able to achieve great success in recent years. The UAE's health sector also displayed eagerness to constantly strengthen and improve the health and safety of the community.

During the meeting, Al Owais underlined that the achievements of the UAE's health sector would not have been without the support and directives of the leadership and the efforts of health workers.

Representatives from the private medical sector were also present at the meeting. The private health sector is considered an important strategic partner in the development of the country's healthcare system.

The gathering further extended support and assistance to the efforts made by various health entities to achieve the national goals of the sector. These goals were achieved through various ways including the formulation of a futuristic roadmap for the country's health sector. It was designed on the basis of global health changes and the future of healthcare services in the country and countries across the world.

A review of several leading projects was also conducted. These projects are working to boost the health system of the country in line with the government's plans for the next fifty years. The plans are aimed at carving out the future of the UAE's health sector and laying the foundation for a comprehensive development plan.

Other topics of discussion included the potential of developing a unified national contact centre during pandemics and health crises, establishing a health cloud, and analysing amendments made to the Public Health and Communicable Diseases Law. Furthermore, the Council shed light on possible challenges facing the health insurance sector and treatment in private medical facilities.

A number of decisions were approved by the Council to ensure improvement in the country's health sector. These decisions will also facilitate enhanced coordination and unified efforts between federal and local health authorities along with their strategic partners. As part of these decisions, joint committees will be formed to review and monitor the initiatives presented to the Council.

In addition, the Council will organise medical conferences and forums, along with providing support to the Continuous Medical Education Program (CME). These efforts are seeking the completion of the goals set by public health policies. Moreover, the Council will coordinate with the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research (MOHESR) to develop academic policy on boosting health and medical science education in the UAE and worldwide.



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