UAE authorities refer 129 people to Public Prosecution for breaking coronavirus quarantine rules

Image Source Arab News Uae Authorities Refer 129 People To Public Prosecution For Breaking Coronavirus Quarantine Rules

UAE authorities referred 129 violators of the country's coronavirus quarantine rules to Public Prosecution - for failing to observe and abide by the precautionary measures and timings specified by the competent authorities to protect public health and safety. 

The preventative and precautionary measures are aimed at stopping the spread of the coronavirus - through social distancing and home quarantine, particularly during the national sterilisation programme.

This comes under the Attorney-General's updated Resolution No. 38 of 2020 on the enforcement of fines and penalties against violators of home quarantine measures, stating that "Pursuant to the Cabinet Resolution No. 17 of 2020, those who fail to comply with home quarantine measures will be referred to the Emergency and Crisis Prosecution at the Federal Public Prosecution if the violation is committed for the third time. They will be tried and jailed for a minimum of three years or fined a minimum of Dh100,000 as per the law."

First-time offenders will only be fined Dh50,000 once a report is filed and the offender is informed of his or her violation. The fine shall be doubled to Dh100,000 for second-time offenders. 

Should the violator fail to pay the fine, competent departments will be notified to register the offence in the e-criminal system, at the Ministry of Interior, or at local police departments to collect the fine from him or her in a legal manner. In this context, a mechanism has been developed in agreement with health authorities to ensure that the Emergency and Crisis Prosecution department will be notified in case the violator has tested positive for Covid-19; in order to turn the offence into a criminal case tantamount to the crimes covered by the penal code and the law on combating communicable diseases.

As per the Cabinet Resolution No. 17 of 2020, the Emergency and Crisis Prosecution may impose fines on first-time offenders and double the fine should the offender repeat the offence.


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