UAE: Abu Dhabi authorities confirm safety of paracetamol medicine

UAE: Abu Dhabi authorities confirm safety of paracetamol medicine

The Department of Health-Abu Dhabi (DoH) has confirmed that paracetamol medicine is safe for general use, adding that it has not been withdrawn from the markets in the Emirate.

Taking to Instagram, the DoH underlined that the UAE Ministry of Health and Prevention recently issued a warning with the aim of alerting doctors against prescribing the paracetamol medicine with antibiotics containing flucloxacillin.

According to reports, when paracetamol and antibiotics containing flucloxacillin are consumed together, it can result in side effects on the patient's immune system due to the impact on the percentage of gases.

Furthermore, the DoH specialists have also recommended medical professionals ensure continuous monitoring of high-risk patients in case of synchronised discharge of medicines. They are further urged to report any side effects experienced by patients due to the intake of such medicines together.

Abu Dhabi healthcare authorities are ensuring all possible measures to enhance the safety and wellbeing of all community members in the emirate. 

SOURCE: Khaleej Times



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