Travelling to Abu Dhabi from within UAE: Emirate updates the procedure

Travelling To Abu Dhabi From Within Uae Emirate Updates The Procedure

Abu Dhabi Emergency, Crisis and Disasters Committee has released updated procedure of entering the emirate from within the UAE. For this green pass is required for vaccinated individuals and a negative PCR test result for people who have not been vaccinated.


Effective from Thursday, 30th December 2021, the process is in addition to using EDE scanners that detect potential COVID-19 cases rapidly. The new requirements to enter Abu Dhabi are in line with efforts to continue revamping the precautionary measures to protect public health and safety.


For entering the emirate of Abu Dhabi from within the UAE, vaccinated people will be required to show green status on Alhosn App and unvaccinated individuals have to present a negative PCR test result that has been received within 96 hours.


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