Thousands of Filipinos express support for UAE's vaccine drive

Thousands of Filipinos express support for UAE's vaccine drive

Thousands of Filipinos have thanked the UAE for its efforts to inoculate all members of the community against COVID-19 as part of the national vaccination programme. The appreciation came through the 'I am vaccinated, Salamat (Thanks) UAE' virtual campaign launched by The Filipino Times on Facebook on April 27, 2021.

Participation of thousands of Filipinos during the campaign demonstrates their support to UAE’s COVID-19 vaccination programme which recently surpassed 10 million vaccine doses.

The campaign encourages all Filipino UAE residents to put a customized frame bearing the flags of the UAE and the Philippines on their Facebook profile pictures. It signifies the earnest support and solidarity between the two friendly nations.

Speaking about the campaign, Dr. Karen Remo, CEO and Managing Director of New Perspective Media Group and Publisher of The Filipino Times, said that it reflects the massive gratefulness of the Filipino community in the UAE and its efforts to combat the pandemic.

The campaign highlights the confidence of the entire community in the UAE leadership as relevant entities are working tirelessly to provide vaccines and hospitalization care to all members for free.

"Within just hours following the launch of our campaign, we're amazed at the turnout of support, showing that a large percentage of Filipino expats have already taken part in the National Vaccination Programme," Dr. Remo added.

For his part, Vince Ang, General Manager of the newspaper, overseas Filipinos from different sections of life have shared inspiring anecdotes about hope, optimism, and gratitude for the UAE. They have acknowledged that their second home proactively responded to the pandemic to overcome its repercussions. He stressed this reflects overwhelming support of Filipinos for the campaign which has garnered over 5,000 participants in just three days.


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