Sharjah schools make Covid-19 PCR test compulsory

Sharjah schools make Covid-19 PCR test compulsory

Keeping the covid-19 protocols in mind, the schools have made it compulsory for students to submit their PCR test results ahead of entering the school premises. Private schools in Sharjah will now only let students enter with the test results.

The schools have been announced to open from April 11, 2021. Authorities from the emirate also said that in-person classes in public schools will resume from April 18. Owing to the pandemic, Sharjah’s emergency, crisis, and disaster management team said that students need to present a covid negative result of a PCR test which should be taken no before 72 hours.

The Sharjah Private Education Authority also said that it is the choice of parents as well as students to choose the mode of education they want. It could be that they choose to have a remote or hybrid form of education or they could go for an in-person mode of communication.

A top official from the department also asserted that for the safety of students and teaching staff, strict protocols have been implemented in the schools. The school will be starting with its regular schedules just a few days ahead of the holy month of Ramadan. It is after the covid-19 pandemic and spring break that the schools have announced reopening.

In the wake of the holy month of Ramada, the schools had announced that they will be reducing the study hours on the campus and will now operate for three to five hours. And for those who are concerned with the safety of schools and educational facilities, the chairman of the SPEA Dr. Muhaddith Al Hashemi said that they are completely safe.

He also said that nearly 74 percent of the employees working in these schools have received their first dose of vaccination while 64 percent have completed the course of vaccination. As for the nurseries, the government and the private nurseries in Sharjah have been opened from march 28 with strict implementations of the covid-19 measures.

Due to the rising infection rate, 100 percent distance learning was extended through the schools in Sharjah in all private as well as public schools until the end of the spring semester.

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