Sharjah Police increases caution during Ramadan in view of Covid

Sharjah Police increases caution during Ramadan in view of Covid

The holy month of Ramadan is here and people are already making preparations to decide how they will be conducting Ramadan this year in the view of covid-19. The authorities of the United Arab Emirates are also concerned about public health safety and hence they come with stricter protocols that are necessary during this time.

In one such move, Sharjah authorities have decided to deploy more than 200 police cars across the emirate to ensure Covid-19 safety measures are being followed by the people, especially during Ramadan.

The police authorities confirmed that 245 patrol units will be deployed in the emirate with the aim to increase monitoring around industrial and residential areas. The public areas must be made secure to contain the spread of coronavirus while ensuring that safe practices are followed.

The instructions announced by the Sharjah Emergency, Crisis, and Disaster Management Team must be followed by the community members to make sure there are casualties with regard to the pandemic. Last month, the authorities noted that community iftar practices are prohibited in the country.

Those who want to conduct a gathering should be doing it within the family members and should consider online meetings and greeting exchanges during this time. The officers will also be checking if the practices during Iftar are within the protocols and directives of the authorities.

The patrol units will also be making sure that social distancing is being followed during this time in public areas. Another traditional practice of firing cannons every evening will be restricted to only one location this time. It will be done only in Al Majaz Waterfront so that crowd gathering can be avoided.

Officers will also be paying attention to beggars and peddlers and those who witness it must report it to the police non-emergency number 901 or call 800 40.

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