SEHA sheds light on COVID-19 impact on healthcare professionals

Seha Sheds Light On Covid 19 Impact On Healthcare Professionals

Abu Dhabi Health Services Company (SEHA) recently concluded the first ever SEHA International Clinical Pharmacy Conference. Held in partnership with the University of California in San Diego, USA, the two-day virtual event hosted from Abu Dhabi took place with the aim of raising awareness about the impact of COVID-19 on frontline workers, clinical pharmacists and pharmacists. During the event, participants discussed recent developments and innovations in clinical and pharmaceutical industries.

Held under the theme "Supporting the community and advancing the profession", the event provided an important information-sharing platform to all participants to discuss future opportunities and collaborations in the medical field. This year, the event witnessed its biggest success with more than 4,200 participants from 35 countries attending the conference. Through the participation of a large number of people, delegates saw an opportunity to meet and discuss developments in the pharmacy sector with global leaders in the field.

The conference witnessed global leaders and top medical personnel from across the world including clinical pharmacists, pharmacists, physicians, nurses, pharmacy students and industry representatives coming together at one platform to shed light on the ongoing changes in the medical sector. Furthermore, speakers from leading countries like the UAE, Australia, Egypt, United Kingdom, and the United States addressed the conference and shared their experiences with the participating audience.

Addressing the event, Dr. Anwar Sallam, SEHA Group Chief Medical Officer, lauded the success of the conference. Highlighting the importance of the event, Dr. Sallam, noted that the transformation of healthcare across the world is modifying the roles of service providers and facilitating recognition to the work every member is doing for the team and the community.

"By striving to maintain industry standards, adopt best-practice in patient care, and provide the very best care to those who walk through our doors, pharmacists form an instrumental part of the patient journey, and our ambition this conference, has been to equip pharmacists from across the globe with the right knowledge, resources, and tools, to be able to bring the best of themselves to the forefront of patient care," he added.

The conference helped in understanding the present state of clinical pharmacy in accordance with the SEHA scientific committee's comprehensive high-quality programme. The programme featured renowned international and local speakers from the field.

In addition, the event discussed prevailing challenges in pharmacy practice, highlighted transformation of patient access to pharmacy services and fostered excellence in pharmacy practice, research and education. throughout

Addressing the event, Dr. Zain Al Yafei, Conference President, Director SEHA Pharmacy and Allies Health, commended the participation of 4,200 delegates at the conference. He pointed out that such huge participation indicates the significance of Clinical Pharmacy for the medical community and importance of SEHA International Clinical Pharmacy Conference in promoting and strengthening collaboration and knowledge exchange.

Dr. Waiel Al Naeem, Conference Chair, Director, SEHA Pharmacy Residency Programme, and Clinical Pharmacy Manager, Sheikh Khalifa Medical City (SKMC), praised the conference as a momentous event filled with fruitful discussion about current state-of-the-art developments in clinical pharmacy practice, innovations in pharmacy education and improvements in patient centered care.

"We are extremely proud of the huge success of this year’s conference, in partnership with the University of California San Diego, and how it has firmly cemented its place within the international clinical pharmacy calendar," Dr. Al Naeem added.


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