Ramadan: UAE trainer reveals his fitness routine during holy month

Ramadan: UAE trainer reveals his fitness routine during holy month

Fasting during the Holy Month of Ramadan causes fatigue and exhaustion is a popular misinformation, according to UAE-based taekwondo trainer Ahmed Magdy. He continue to debunk the myth by teaching martial arts to children under the age of eight as well as carrying out intense own self-training.

Speaking to the media, Magdy who has been a UAE resident for the past two years, underlined that people take the holy month as an excuse to avoid exercising. However, Ramadan in actuality gives people energy to ward off negativity.

He further revealed that planning the day ahead and ensuring consumption of nutritious food will prove helpful in maintaining a healthy routine during Ramadan.

“During the holy month, I wake up with a lot of energy," Magdy noted.

He starts his day at 9 am, following which he exercises at 10 am for two hours. Later, he trains people across various gym facilities in Sharjah and Dubai starting 1 pm until before Iftar.

During the one-hour gap between his exercises and sessions, he plan his Iftar, Magdy added.

In his Ramadan diet, he increases the intake of vegetables, fruits, juices and whole-wheat carbs

“I focus on the food that is easily digested. Protein and fluids are very important," he said.

Furthermore, Magdy breaks his fast with yoghurt and banana long with lemon and cinnamon before going for Maghreb prayers. Later, he continues Iftar with salads and whole wheat pasta.

According to the expert, beetroot is also a great source of energy which he consumes every day in moderate portions. It increases iron absorption in the body.

His Suhoor diet includes oats, fruits and pumpkin with raisins, coconut and dates which he takes around 1 am. Magdy affirmed that good nutrition is necessary all around the year. However, it is important to keep the body rich in vitamins during Ramadan.

The trainer and fitness enthusiast follows a devoted routine during the holy month to boost his physical and spiritual wellbeing. He has a master’s degree in biomechanics from Turkey.

SOURCE: Khaleej Times




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