People confused if former Covid infected patients can take vaccination or not

People confused if fromer Covid infected patients can take vaccination or not

The United Arab Emirates has started its vaccination drive and has also declared the priority list of who will be preferred first to get vaccines. But one section of the population remains confused regarding the vaccines.

Patients who were once tested positive for Covid-19, are now wondering if they can take part in the vaccination drive or not. A report in the Khaleej Times clarified these doubts among other vaccination related questions.

 An awareness guide by the Dubai Health Authority revealed that children below 18 cannot take the vaccine shot. Other than that, people with immunodeficiency disease, nursing mothers, pregnant mothers, those allergic to any vaccine, food, medicine or substance OR those who carry a self-injectable adrenaline and women, who are planning to conceive in near future.

It also addressed concerns regarding the side-effects of the vaccine. The side effects include nothing major but things like muscle pain, Joint pain, Vomiting and diarrhea, hivering, fatigue and headaches, pain, swelling or redness at the injection-site, fever.

As for those who are consuming various medications on a daily basis can consult their family physician and reveal all the details regarding their disease and the medicines and the physician can guide them if they can take the vaccine or not.

But even as the officials say that the vaccine is effective against the virus, despite that , people should not stop wearing masks. People need to continue abiding by all the precautionary measures and wear masks at every public outing until and unless there is an official announcement that says otherwise.

People who already had covid-19 infection are also advised to take vaccination but only after three months from the date of identification of the Covid infection. Having said, the awareness guide also included that because after getting infected once, the body develops antibodies, the chances of getting infected again is considerably low.

Another concern that was addressed on Saturday was those who are traveling outside or cannot stick to schedule to get a second vaccination dose must know that only when they get the second dose on time, full benefits of covid-19 vaccine can be availed. Another point that was made by DHA is that it is not safe to take two different types of vaccines. 

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