Pakistan Embassy in Abu Dhabi warns its citizens of Covid-19 related offences

Pakistan Embassy In Abu Dhabi Warns Its Citizens Of Covid 19 Related Offences

 The Embassy of Pakistan in Abu Dhabi on Saturday issued a reminder for the Pakistani community in the UAE, warning of the fines that would be imposed for flouting safety protocols related to Covid-19.


Overseas Pakistanis in the UAE have been encouraged by the embassy to stay aware of the Covid-19 violations and abide by the rules. "Pakistani brothers and sisters based in the UAE are requested to take care of their good health as well as the safety of all people around them in wake of the current Covid-19 situation and abide by the relevant laws," read the statement.


The fines for offences related to Covid-19 are listed as:


1. Violating regulations determining the number of people who can reside in one dwelling (for the owner of the dwelling or person responsible) - Dh20,00

2. Not complying with precautionary measures for entering the country - Dh5,000

3. Exceeding the number of non-related passengers allowed in one vehicle (for the driver) - Dh3,000

4. Not wearing a mask in workplace or shared housing - Dh500

5. Not wearing a mask at all other times in public - Dh3,000

6. Exceeding the number of people allowed to gather socially in open areas (on each person) - Dh3,000

7. Refusing to undergo a PCR test when required or misusing the right to get tested - Dh5,000

8. Undergoing a PCR test without need or request - Dh1,000

9. Travelling outside curfew hours without permission - Dh3,000



It was further notified that people who are fined for any of these offences can submit a request against the fine to the UAE Public Prosecution at for any waiver.

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