Ministry of Health and Prevention sends messages and immunity tips to the society

Ministry Of Health And Prevention Sends Messages And Immunity Tips To The Society

Dr. Farida Al Hosani, the official spokesman for the health sector in the UAE, presented three messages during the ninth periodic briefing of the UAE government on the latest developments related to the novel Coronavirus "COVID-19". The first message was directed to the elderly mothers and fathers, whom she described as the "blessing of our homes and country", reiterating that being away from them comes from love and from the need to protect their safety. She tole them we may be far from you physically but our hearts are with you all the time.

The second message was directed at families who are required to be more communicative, responsible and aware at such time, while the third message went to support people who mostly get in contact with homeware and handle deliveries, adding that it is our responsibility to ensure their awareness and prevention by following correct procedures.

Boosting immunity:

Dr. Al Hosani asserted the role of healthy diet and exercise as the best immunity boosters, adding that regular exercise and balanced, healthy diet help improve immunity such as antioxidants and fruits and vegetables. She also called on all nationals ad residents to participate in the national campaign "Dedication at Work, Safety at Home", reiterating that work is still underway in the UAE and will not stop.

Speaking on the prevention measures being taken in the UAE, Al Hosani stated that measures are being updated in light of developments and in coordination with all local and federal entities to implement any precautions. The Ministry of Health and other relevant authorities recently implemented a series of precautionary and preventive measures that were announced on a national level, with the aim to protect the safety of nationals and residents and the whole society, she added.

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