Green list for travelers coming to the emirate updated by Abu Dhabi

Green list for travelers coming to the emirate updated by Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi has updated its green list of countries for travelers coming into the emirate. Passengers traveling from the list can enter Abu Dhabi by following procedures, including Covid-19 tests before departure, on arrival and on day four for the people staying for more than four days and on day eight for those staying eight days or more.

Travelers from 23 countries will be allowed to travel to Abu Dhabi from April 25 with no quarantine requirement. The emirate’s green list has been updated to include Cuba, Japan, Portugal, Russia, Switzerland, Taiwan, Tajikistan, the UK and Uzbekistan.

The Department of Culture and Tourism Abu Dhabi updates green list every fortnight. Countries are removed or added on basis of the latest Covid-19 developments. People coming to Abu Dhabi from countries not on the list must wear a medically approved wristband upon arrival and should quarantine for 10 days. The wristband ensures travelers follow all the mandatory quarantine period. The updated Abu Dhabi’s travel list came as the UAE banned travel from India after a surge in Covid-19 cases there.

The National Emergency Crisis and Disaster Management Authority said the decision affects all national and overseas airlines, but does not include transit flights coming into the country and bound for India. Meanwhile, the US has updated its advisory for the UAE to “Do Not Travel”, along with at least 115 other countries. The Centres for Disease Control and Prevention has issued a level four travel health notice on Tuesday “indicating a very high level of Covid-19 in the country”.


Abu Dhabi’s Green List: Travelers from these countries can enter the country without quarantine

·        Australia

·        Bhutan

·        Brunei

·        China

·        Cuba

·        Greenland

·        Hong Kong

·        Iceland

·        Israel

·        Japan

·        Mauritius

·        Morocco

·        New Zealand

·        Portugal

·        Russia

·        Saudi Arabia

·        Singapore

·        South Korea

·        Switzerland

·        Taiwan

·        Tajikistan

·        UK

·        Uzbekistan

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