Full list of COVID-19 safety rules for Eid Al Adha prayers in UAE mosques

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Eid Al Adha falls on July 20th this year.The National Emergency Crisis and Disasters Management Authority (NCEMA) has specified the Covid safety rules that worshippers must adhere to strictly.


1.     The maximum period of the post-prayer sermon is limited to 15 minutes.


2.    Doors of musallahs and mosques will open 15 minutes prior to the start of the prayer.


3.     The places of worship will be closed immediately after the prayer.


4.     Worshippers need to bring their own prayer mats. Social distancing stickers will be placed.


5.     Covid-positive individuals and close contacts are strictly forbidden from attending the prayers.


6.     Those aged below 12 and above 60 are advised to offer the prayer at home.


7.     Access will not be granted to service facilities like washrooms, ablution areas and water dispensers.


8.     The traditional practice of handshakes and hugs after the prayer is forbidden.


9.     Worshippers are not allowed to gather at the places of worship before or after the prayer.


SOURCE: Khaleej Times

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