Etihad makes ‘Verified To Fly’ service global amid COVID-19

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Etihad Airways has launched the "Verified To Fly" initiative to allow passengers to validate their COVID-19-related travel documents before arriving at the airport. The initiative has been introduced with the aim of making travel more convenient and easier for passengers during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Etihad has now included the service in its global travel route. Etihad passengers can visit the airline's website to avail the service for an easier journey.

On the website, passengers are required to click the "Manage my Booking" icon and follow the necessary instructions. Passengers will be further asked to upload travel documents and other related information about their journey.

After filling in all the details, passengers will receive messages confirming that they have been approved to travel to their destination countries in accordance with the guidelines issued by the UAE government.

As they receive approval, passengers can enjoy easy and fast check-in at the airport. Etihad has also set up a dedicated counter for “Verified to Fly” passengers at the airport.

The service was launched in June after the initiative received successful results in the trial. It became a one-stop solution for passengers, helping them in understanding all travel procedures during the COVID-19 pandemic.

In addition, Etihad has affirmed that all data and information submitted by the passengers with the airline will remain safe and there is no third-party involvement in the process to ensure maximum safety.

Etihad has assured that the complete process was conducted keeping the privacy of its customers in mind.

Etihad’s Vice President Global Airports and Network Operations John Wright said that the airline is ensuring all possible efforts to make travel easier for its customers during these challenging times. He added that passengers' safety is the airline's utmost priority.

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