Etihad Airways announces global cabin crew recruitment drive

Etihad Airways Announces Global Cabin Crew Recruitment Drive

Etihad Airways has announced a mega recruitment drive with the aim of hiring at least 1000 experienced professionals in the hospitality sector to join the award-winning airline's leading cabin crew. According to a statement issued by the airline, the international recruitment days will take place in multiple cities across the UAE, Europe, Egypt, Lebanon, Russia, Spain, Italy and the Netherlands.

People interested in participating in the recruitment drive as well as joining the UAE's national airline’s award-winning cabin crew team are required to register themselves in advance at the link:

Furthermore, the airline is welcoming employees laid off during the COVID-19 pandemic to apply through the airline’s alumni programme.

Speaking about the drive, Captain Jihad Matta, Head of Crew Performance and Support at the Etihad Airways, termed it an amazing opportunity for those willing to join the Etihad team and flourish in their career.

"I am pleased to say Etihad is in a position to be able to start hiring cabin crew again. The last 18 months have been incredibly difficult, however there is much to be positive about as travel restrictions ease and we ramp up operations to meet growing demand. A critical part of this is rebuilding our cabin crew team," he added.

Captain Matta highlighted that the airline is looking for those candidates who have a passion for delivering exceptional customer service and creating memorable moments for guests of the airline. He affirmed that the airline is looking for individuals who are willing to help in business growth and work unitedly with the team to bring the world to Abu Dhabi.

During the recruitment drive, the airline will be providing comprehensive information to the participating candidates about living in Abu Dhabi, which has been named one of the safest cities in the world. Furthermore, they will be apprised about the dynamics of working with guests at 30,000 feet as well as in-depth assessment process.

"We hope to attract diverse, talented men and women globally, to inspire and help them kick-start a tremendous career opportunity and life experience in the UAE," Matta added

After being selected during the drive, successful candidates will undergo a comprehensive training programme in Abu Dhabi. The training programme will include all protocols of cabin safety and service delivery. The training will be provided at Zayed Campus-the airline’s training academy. At the end of the training programme, selected individuals will be officially awarded their wings.

Etihad Airways cabin crew have the benefits of tax-free income, company medical insurance, concessional travel benefits, transport, uniforms, fully furnished company accommodation in Abu Dhabi as well as discounts on food, beverage and leisure activities across the capital of the UAE.


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