Emirates Health Services executes smart patient management solution across UAE

Emirates Health Services executes smart patient management solution across UAE

Emirates Health Services (EHS), the health organisation in UAE, has implemented Sedco’s smart patient experience management system across 126 centres and more than 700 healthcare departments in the country. The initiative has been implemented by the EHS in collaboration with Emitac Healthcare Solutions.

Facilities participating in the initiative include primary healthcare centres, specialised healthcare centres, preventative medicine centres, happiness centres, blood donation centres, and hospitals across the UAE.

The advanced patient experience management solution is aimed at streamlining the journey of the patient starting from pre-arrival to post-service. It automatically routes patients across different centres and healthcare departments to ensure that operations are running smoothly, waiting time is reduced and patients are experiencing a stress-free process.

According to a statement issued by the authority, the solution includes various features such as mobile appointment booking and check-in, SMS notifications, instant e-ticket issuance, queue management, digital signage system, central management and business intelligence system.

Taking to Twitter, Emitac Solutions expressed excitement on collaborating with the Emirates Health Services (EHS) to implement the smart patient experience management solution in various healthcare centres and hospitals across the UAE.

One of the most important benefits of the solution includes the provision of real-time data to the healthcare authority to allow effective planning and use of resources. Furthermore, the service delivers insights into the day-to-day operations, identifies areas of improvement, provides analysis of historic data, manages staff distribution and promotes better communication within each department. It also provides an overall blueprint of a patient’s journey in the entire healthcare facility.

Amal Karmostaje, director of the Technical Support Department at Emirates Health Services, explained that Sedco’s patient experience management system applies the smart journey concept as it automatically routes patients within various departments across healthcare centres and facilities. It gives them the experience they deserve while giving the facility full control over the operations, Amal added.

Majdi Shawish, CEO at Sedco, also underlined the significance of advancements in technology to boost healthcare services and the sector for providing the best facilities to patients.

"The increasing use of smartphones is triggering the adoption of mobile-based applications by the healthcare providers to streamline operations and thereby provide a better patient experience. We are immensely proud to partner with the EHS," Shawish added.

Notably, Sedco's system also streamlines between pre-booked and walk-ins. Under this system, EHS patients can issue a ticket for an appointment and orders from pharmacy, lab, and radiology, to ensure that there is smooth routing across all facilities of the organisation.

At the same time, the smart digital signage of the system comes integrated with an audio announcement system to allow the roll call of the next patient in queue. The digital screens will display healthcare tips and targeted ads with the aim of promoting new medical services.

The system will allow EHS to centrally monitor each healthcare facility, operation, and KPIs including service quality, utilisation, and turnaround time with live dashboards and an advanced reporting system. Strategic reports generated by the Sedco system will facilitate more informed decisions such that the facilities are able to provide top-class healthcare services while ensuring effective and efficient allocation of resources. 

SOURCE: Gulf News

LINK: https://gulfbusiness.com/emirates-health-services-implements-smart-patient-management-solution-across-uae/

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