Dubai Police, UAE Food Bank give away food and hand sanitizers to labourers

Image Source Emerat Al Youm Dubai Police And Emirates Food Bank Distribute Hundreds Of Sterilizers And Meals To Workers

"As part of Dubai Police campaign "Don't worry" to raise awareness about how to stop the spread of COVID-19, Dubai Police, in cooperation with UAE Food Bank and Plan B company, distributed free meals and hand sanitizers to labourers in Dubai’s Al Muhaisnah area.

Captain Hamad Obaid Al Shamsi from Dubai Police said the campaign titled "Don't Worry" aims to support labourers rights in these extraordinary times. 

“The campaign included workshops and lectures to raise awareness about protection and symptoms. Sanitizers and medical masks were handed over to the workers as well as food baskets,” Capt Al Shamsi said.

Educational films in different languages were also beamed at the labour camps, and Capt. Al Shamsi reiterated the importance of sterilization at labour camps and transportation, and the provision of hand sanitizers at bus entrances. He also emphasized the importance of physical distancing and refraining from group work, and ongoing awareness on prevention to be able to practice their daily work safely."


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