Dubai: DHA uses ‘soundwave’ technology to treat patient with kidney failure

Dubai: DHA uses ‘soundwave’ technology to treat patient with kidney failure

The Dubai Health Authority (DHA) has been employing advanced technology to prepare patients for dialysis through catheters using ‘sound waves'. Such a procedure prevents the need for surgical intervention to treat patients with kidney failure.

With this development, DHA has become the first health institution in the Middle East and Eastern Europe region to use advanced technology for the treatment of patients with kidney failure.


Successful treatment

Last week, Rashid Hospital successfully conducted its first operation using advanced technology on a 20-year-old patient who was suffering from kidney failure. Noting that the patient was in urgent need of the dialysis process, doctors at the Vascular Surgery Department at Rashid Hospital deployed the technology and prepare the patient for haemodialysis through the catheter.

Dr Deena Al Qudra, Head of the Vascular Surgery Department at Rashid Hospital and head of the medical team which treated the patient, explained the process. She noted that the patient was suffering from the ailment for many years. As soon as she visited Rashid Hospital, necessary tests were performed and he was later transferred to the one-day operations department to perform this procedure. Under local anaesthesia, the procedure took 34 minutes and was successfully performed. The patient was able to leave the hospital within one hour after the procedure.



The medical expert also underlined that such types of operations when performed at the DHA help in saving financial costs and hospital stays for patients as compared to traditional surgery. Furthermore, it also contributes to saving the time and effort of doctors to provide them with more opportunities to serve additional patients in need.

Dr Al Qudra further underlined that using the advanced technology significantly depends on a number of factors, including the patient’s condition

“Nearly 30 percent of kidney patients who need dialysis will benefit from this technique. The DHA prioritises the use of technology and medical advances to benefit patients and provide high-quality patient-centred care,” she concluded.

SOURCE: Gulf News


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