Dubai customs ensures smooth economic transition even during Covid-19 pandemic

Dubai customs ensures smooth economic transition even during Covid-19 pandemic

Even during the tough economic times, Dubai Customs has been able to maintain itself with stability. It has effectively dealt with all the challenges even as the world continues to fight global economic recession.

On Saturday, the Dubai customs department said, “The year 2020 saw new pioneering achievements for Dubai Customs in terms development of Customs work processes and innovation of new solutions and initiatives to ensure the smooth flow of trade and mitigate the impacts of the global pandemic.”

The United Arab Emirates has been trying to achieve sustainable economic growth since last year especially after the Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, expressed his vision. The Vice PResident earlier revealed that he wished to promote sustainable economic development in the country.

Even the director general of Dubai Customs Ahmed Mahboob Musabih of Dubai Customs said that it has successfully managed to keep its progress in line with UAE’s pioneering accomplishments in 2020, which is also the year where preparations for the upcoming 50 years was done.

He said that the Dubai freight trade department is slowly but steadily recovering from the loss and now there is a steady growth momentum despite the struggles of the Covid-19 outbreak. He further explained that this can be confirmed by strong growth of customs transactions.

But this could also be done after the use of advanced technologies that helped them maintain the business uninterrupted. Musabih further said, “Dubai Customs also introduced several milestone projects supporting our direction to play a major role in future trade transformations. These include the launch of the Blockchain-based cross-border e-commerce platform, which paves the way to attract more logistics and e-commerce companies."

It was reported that Dubai had recorded AED551 billion worth of non-oil external trade during the first half of 2020. Further details revealed that the total imports accounted for AED320 billion while exports accounted for AED77 billion.

In total, 44 million tonnes of goods were traded through Dubai in this period , which included 30 million tonnes of imports, 8 million tonnes of exports and 6 million tonnes of re-exports.

In fact, when other countries were struggling with the economic transactions, Dubai Customs grew by 23 percent last year when compared to 2019. Dubai Customs has also made sure that all the employees get all the necessary tools to boost their productivity during the remote working.

“More than 18,000 meetings have been conducted through TEAMS. Exchange of information via TEAMS accounted for 15% against 85% for email in March while in April the usage of TEAMS program increased to 34% compared to 66% for email, " said the report.

There are exceptional achievements by Dubai Customs and all around development of the department. But this time it not only took care of its employees but also catered to all the people from all the segments of society by benefitting 63,000 but various charitable initiatives. 


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