Centre of Excellence Toxicology Unit introduced at Sheikh Khalifa Medical City by SEHA

Centre Of Excellence Toxicology Unit Introduced At Sheikh Khalifa Medical City By Seha

Sheikh Khalifa Medical City (SKMC), part of Abu Dhabi Health Services Company, (SEHA), which is UAE’s largest healthcare network, has introduced the Toxicology Unit. It will offer patients with comprehensive and integrated healthcare services.


Clinical toxicologists diagnose and manage poisoning and disorders that are caused by toxins or chemicals that might have a negative impact on people. This includes the management and follow-up care of patients with pesticide, hydrocarbon, chemical, plant poisoning, snakebite, scorpion bites, and insect stings.


Dr. Anwar Sallam, Group Chief Medical Officer, SEHA, said: "Poisoning, which is a worldwide problem, poses a significant health problem. Our aim here is to open a center of excellence in toxicology that adopts an evidence-based approach, tailored to each patient’s needs. At SEHA, we pride ourselves on offering world-class healthcare – SKMC’s new toxicology center will guarantee we provide the very best care to those patients with suspected or confirmed poisoning or toxin/chemical-related conditions."


Dr. Ashraf Mohamed Kamour, Chair of Medicine, SKMC, said: "Toxicology as a specialty is new to the country, and we are excited to be providing the community with this specialty right here at SKMC. The unit will function round-the-clock, helping reduce morbidity, improve care, and reduce the average length of stay and possibility of readmission. Recently, a patient was admitted to SKMC experiencing severe iron overdose. Thanks to SKMC’s Toxicology Unit, he was treated at SKMC and discharged after 48 hours with no complications."


Another patient with extreme poisoning was transported to SKMC by ambulance, with the facility’s Emergency Department team on standby to receive and conduct the initial examination of the patient. Support of SKMC’s Toxicology Unit enabled the patient to receive prompt treatment, based on latest medical evidence He is reported to have made a full recovery, after which he was recently discharged from hospital.


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