AstraZeneca develops a fashion line dedicated to renal health

AstraZeneca develops a fashion line dedicated to renal health

A new apparel line named ‘CKD’ has debuted this year in the midst of fashionistas hunt for new looks and camera flashes. It is important to point out that there are a number of brands seeking to create awareness about health and wellness. While one brand’s tag declares "Looking glam isn't the only motivation to get fit,” another insists "Healthy kidneys never go out of style.”

The kidneys are not to be taken lightly. Notably, CKD is an abbreviation for chronic kidney disease and not merely a fashion label. AstraZeneca, a pharmaceuticals business, is the brains behind the new collection, which aims to increase awareness about kidney health among the UAE's fashion-conscious populace.

Suzan Shuman, GCC business unit director of AstraZeneca's cardiovascular, renal, and metabolic unit, says, "We converted the silent disease of CKD into a brand as we see from fashion companies, to make people halt in their tracks and pay attention."

The pharma company collaborated with medical communications experts McCann Health Dubai to create a unique movement that would appeal to "usually fashion-conscious folks in the Emirates."

A group of local designers was then tasked with creating a collection from the ground up, which was subsequently displayed to the public during Expo 2020 Dubai.

Shuman explained that each design was labelled with a key statement, with visitors provided necessary information about the condition and encouraging them for early screening. 

With the majority of diagnoses happening at an advanced stage, one of the key issues of CKD is patient awareness, prompting the team to pursue this unique approach.

"We needed to get the word out across the city, so we launched with a one-of-a-kind activation in the Expo 2020 Swedish pavilion on World Kidney Day," says Karen Kamel, Mena general manager at McCann Health.

Kidney health and lifestyle factors

Kidney health isn't something most of us think about very often, but it's a greater problem than we might imagine, according to Professor Marie Richards, director of renal services at Mubadala Health.

"Kidney illness affects roughly one in every ten persons worldwide and in the UAE," she explains. "The global burden is growing, and by 2040, CKD is expected to be the sixth leading cause of years of life lost worldwide."

Your daily habits could be putting you at risk, according to Dr Foroozan Khezri, urologist at Medcare Hospital Al Safa in Dubai. This includes everything from consuming too much protein to not getting enough sleep.

"Many things, like low water intake, high salt intake, high protein intake, and even overuse of painkillers, might influence your kidney function," she explains.

Symptoms and signs

Patients may lose up to 90% of their kidney function before showing any signs or symptoms of renal failure, making early detection extremely challenging.

Dr. Mustafa Ahmed, senior consultant nephrologist at the Imperial College London Diabetes Centre in Abu Dhabi, says, "Kidney disease is frequently referred to as a silent disease since many of the symptoms may not become obvious until the late stages, when kidney damage is already progressed."

Tips to Improve Kidney Function

Although detection can be difficult, experts say there are several ways to modify your lifestyle to avoid kidney failure and stay healthy.

Khezri encourages her patients to make tiny lifestyle adjustments and focus on prevention rather than cure. Drinking plenty of water, limiting salt and sugar intake, keeping track of your weight, and engaging in regular physical activity are all things you can do every day to help your kidneys.

"A few minor changes can have a significant impact, but now is the moment to act."

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