All shopping centers and food markets closes in the UAE

Weqaya Uae All Shopping Centers And Food Markets Closes In The Uae

In the United Arab Emirates, all shopping centers, food markets and other commercial facilities are preparing to close. According to a government decree, closure should take place within 48 hours after the issuance of the decree. Restaurants in the UAE will stop serving customers and will fully switch to delivery mode.

The Ministry of Health of the United Arab Emirates issued an official appeal on the official website: “The UAE has decided to close all commercial and shopping centers, fish, meat and vegetable markets for a period of two weeks. According to the same decision, restaurants are no longer allowed to receive visitors.”

In a number of countries, stores of the world's largest brands closed at least until the end of March, or until further notice in case the situation with the spread of the virus improves. As of March 23, 2020, the UAE recorded 153 cases of Covid-19 infection, while in the world the number of infected people is above 380 thousand and continues to grow.

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