Abu Dhabi updates Green List of destinations to boost tourism

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The Department of Culture and Tourism – Abu Dhabi (DCT Abu Dhabi) has updated the ‘Green List’ of countries, territories, and regions to include a total of 31 destinations, amid efforts to resume international tourism. The decision has come into effect from June 23, Wednesday.

As compared to the previous Green List that came into effect on June 13, the new list will also include Denmark, Austria, Italy, Norway, Finland, and Sweden, leaving out Cuba, Russia, and Kyrgyzstan.

In addition, Abu Dhabi authorities have exempted passengers travelling from these destinations from mandatory quarantine measures upon their arrival in the Emirate. However, passengers arriving from 'Green List' countries will be required to undergo PCR testing on their arrival at Abu Dhabi Airport.

Notably, vaccinated travellers are required to undergo a follow-up PCR test on Day 6 of their stay in Abu Dhabi. On the other hand, non-vaccinated passengers will have to undergo follow-up PCR tests on Day 6 and Day 12 in the emirate.

The destinations on the updated 'Green List' include:

1. Australia

2. Austria

3. Azerbaijan

4. Bhutan

5. Brunei

6. China

7. Denmark

8. Finland

9. Germany

10. Greenland

11. Hong Kong (SAR)

12. Iceland

13. Israel

14. Italy

15. Japan

16. Malta

17. Mauritius

18. Moldova

19. Morocco

20. New Zealand

21. Norway

22. Portugal

23. Saudi Arabia

24. Singapore

25. South Korea

26. Spain

27. Sweden

28. Switzerland

29. Taiwan, Province of China

30. United States of America

31. Uzbekistan

As per reports, the updated Green List replaces the list of destinations announced on June 13, effective from June 23.

The DCT has also clarified that the Green List is only applicable to countries passengers are arriving from in the UAE, and not their citizenship.

"Inclusion on the list is subject to strict criteria of health and safety to ensure the well-being of the UAE community," the department added.

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