Abu Dhabi to set up Centre of Digital Health to develop data solutions

Abu Dhabi to set up Centre of Digital Health to develop data solutions

Abu Dhabi is going to launch a centre to develop data platforms and accelerate the adoption of digital services in the health sector of the emirate. The Department of Health-Abu Dhabi (DoH) will develop the Centre of Digital Health (CDH) in collaboration with healthcare providers Pure Health and G42 Healthcare.

The new centre will take the help of Malaffi, the health information exchange platform, and other digital portals and standards to facilitate the collection, process and analysis of the health data of patients. The centre will also integrate artificial intelligence and big data to boost the decision-making process, strengthen policymaking and assist clinical research in the emirate's health sector.

Later, CDH services and information will be made accessible to health facilities, government entities and other relevant institutions under strict data security and patient confidentiality standards.


Employing health data

Dr Jamal Al Kaabi, DoH undersecretary, said that the DoH has been continuously working to solidify Abu Dhabi's position as a life science incubator and regional and international digital health destination under the directive of the wise leadership of the country. It is due to Abu Dhabi's advanced infrastructure and digital capabilities that will enhance the emirate's position regionally and globally. The healthcare regulator sees the establishment of CDH as another testament to the effectiveness of public-private partnerships and efforts made in exchanging health information in the emirate.

"Through this joint venture, we look forward to harnessing health data in accordance with the highest standards of information security to further enhance healthcare outcomes in the Emirate and provide quality healthcare to all the members of the community," Dr Al Kaabi added.

Shaista Asif, group chief operating officer at Pure Health, underlined the importance of data analytics in the ever-evolving healthcare sector. He noted that the centre will enable the entity to improve health outcomes through pre-emptive detection, predictive diagnostics and personalised medicine.

"As we evolve ourselves to leverage the compute power that is increasing in quantum leaps, and make AI based outcomes a norm, the CDH will be a key pillar for Pure Health," Shaista Asif added.


Enable insights

As part of the partnership, DoH Abu Dhabi and G42 Healthcare will be working together to develop solutions to strengthen the healthcare ecosystem and provide necessary services to stakeholders including patients, providers, payers, regulators, pharma, and beyond. G42 Healthcare will leverage its proprietary HealthSight platform to unify multimodal healthcare datasets and facilitate insight generation using advanced analytics and machine learning.

Ashish Koshy, group chief executive officer at G42 Healthcare, state that the collaboration is developing a wide range of solutions to help achieve the primary goal of healthcare including better results for patient-centric care. At the same time, it will enable reduction in the cost of care, renewed experience for patients and care staff including physicians and nurses, Koshy added.


Malaffi milestone

Malaffi has also announced that all public and private hospitals in the emiratr are connected to the platform. The development has come in line with the ongoing efforts to enhance patient experience and boost the quality of healthcare and patient outcomes in Abu Dhabi. Significantly, it is a crucial milestone for the sector to allow healthcare providers to safely exchange relevant patient health information in real-time and create a centralised database of unified patient records.

 SOURCE: Gulf News

LINK: https://gulfnews.com/amp/uae/abu-dhabi-set-to-establish-centre-of-digital-health-to-analyse-data-develop-solutions-1.86792003

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