Abu Dhabi residents get COVID-19 booster dose before deadline

Abu Dhabi Residents Get Covid 19 Booster Dose Before Deadline

Abu Dhabi residents are ensuring all possible efforts to get the COVID-19 booster shot ahead of the deadline on September 20.

Last month, Abu Dhabi authorities mandated a COVID-19 booster shot for all residents who received the Sinopharm vaccine. As per protocols, it is important for those residents to get the booster dose who received their second Sinopharm vaccine dose more than six months ago.

Residents were given a 30-day grace period until September 20, allowing them to maintain a green status on the AlHosn app until they get vaccinated with the booster dose. After the deadline, residents who did not receive the booster shot will see a grey status on their AlHosn app. It will further limit their capacity to enter several public places across Abu Dhabi.

In this regard, Dr Faisal Hamza Dalvi, internal medicine specialist at Burjeel Hospital in Abu Dhabi, noted that a large number of people are making their appointments for vaccine booster dose at vaccination centres under VPS Healthcare. A majority of people, particularly those willing to travel abroad, are opting for Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine because it is more internationally accepted than others.

"There has been a rush at the vaccination centres, as residents were keen on getting the booster dose," he said.

Dr Dalvi termed the booster shot as the best way to stay protected against the virus and enhance immunity to better tackle the disease. He further urged all eligible community members to get their third vaccine booster for enhanced protection against the virus.

"The COVID-19 vaccine booster is very important for people who have completed six months since taking their second dose to enhance their immunity," he added.

Earlier, the Abu Dhabi Government confirmed that except the Sinopharm vaccine, other vaccines do not require a booster dose yet.

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