Abu Dhabi Police steps up back-to-school safety campaign in emirate

Abu Dhabi Police launches back-to-school campaign to ensure the safe return of students

The Abu Dhabi Police has launched a comprehensive campaign which ensures the safe return of students and teaching staff to in-classroom learning, in line with all the precautionary measures put in place.

In agreement with the Abu Dhabi Police, the Traffic and Patrols Directorate clarified that the campaign aims to increase awareness and ensure that school drivers abide by traffic laws, follow the rules and avoid speeding during pick-up and drop-off times.

Brigadier Mohammad Dahi Al Humairi, Director of the Traffic and Patrols Directorate at the Central Operations Sector, said that his directorate will intensify police monitoring and the dispatching of patrols across roads and tunnels in Abu Dhabi, Al Ain and the Al Dhafra region.

He urged parents to be extra diligent and cautious whilst driving their children to school and to educate them on safe road crossing, as well as how to get to and from the school bus.

 Brigadier Al Humairi also urged bus drivers to adhere to all safety and traffic rules, including stopping at the designated areas, allowing sufficient time for children to exit and enter the vehicle, leaving a safe distance between vehicles, driving safely during fogs and extending its red stop sign during pick-up and drop-off.

 Drivers should stop at a safe distance of five metres when they see a red stop sign, said Al Humairi. Bus drivers who fail to open the red stop sign will be fined AED500 and six traffic points, while drivers who fail to stop when they see the red stop sign will encounter an AED1,000 fine and 10 traffic points.




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