Abu Dhabi Police and Judicial Department announce an advanced stage of "remote trial"

Abu Dhabi Police And Judicial Department Announce An Advanced Stage Of Remote Trial

In line with the wise directives of the country's leadership to enhance the efficiency Litigation and ensuring the effectiveness of the criminal justice system, the General Command of Abu Dhabi Police, in cooperation with the Abu Dhabi Judicial Department, announced the activation of an advanced stage for a "remote trial" system at throughout the Emirate of Abu Dhabi, using visual communication technologies to reflect level of achievement achieved in this regard.

The Director General of Abu Dhabi Police, Major General Maktoum Ali Al Sharifi, praised the leadership's wise guidance in upgrading police and security work through harnessing advanced technologies to improve and facilitate the work and development ... explaining that the total remote investigation sites using visual communication technologies reached 44 sites, distributed on 65 platforms / While the number of sites with federal procuratorates in the emirate has reached 9 sites and 7 rooms affiliated with Abu Dhabi Police within the system of connecting the Public Prosecution and Criminal Courts with penal and correctional institutions and police stations through a closed television circuit.

He explained that according to the linking system, the investigation and display before the court and the inmates submit their interim requests to the court or prosecution using the tele-communication technology "video conference". The session can also be followed directly via CCTV technology, where the request for the inmate is decided from the prison site without Forcing him to come.

The project includes enabling the detainees and detainees in the penal and correctional institutions to speak before the judiciary without the need to transfer them outside the penal institutions, which contributes to facilitating the procedures and speed of the trial and the provision of effort, time and expenses in line with international quality practices in addition to providing human and material resources, reducing the risk and raising the embarrassment of people The arrested and convicted of transferring them from one place to another.


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