Abu Dhabi opens two COVID-19 testing facilities for workers in Musafah industrial areas

Image Source Al Ittihad Abu Dhabi Opens Two Covid 19 Testing Facilities For Workers In Musafah Industrial Areas

In line with the UAE's ongoing efforts to protect the health and safety of its population through the various screening facilities, Abu Dhabi has opened two COVID-19 testing facilities for workers in Musafah industrial areas as part of the precautionary measures put in place to ensure the health and safety of the community.

The new facilities primarily target the blue-collar workers who had got in contact with previously confirmed cases of COVID-19 as well as those who suffer chronic diseases, and elderly people aged over 50.

The two COVID-19 testing facilities for workers in Musafah, which are operating from 7.00 a.m. to 5.00. p.m., include mobile clinics which are well equipped to deal with emergency cases, in addition to ambulances to transport cases in need of additional tests to other medical facilities.

"The new facilities, which already started receiving visitors from yesterday, are aimed to ensure the safety of all those working in the industrial areas, including all nationalities, in order to ensure early detection of Coronavirus and provide them with all necessary care," said Dr Khloud Al Dhal'i, Director of Abu Dhabi Clinics.

She added that all the medical personnel working at the two testing facilities get tested for the virus on a weekly basis, in order to ensure their safety. "A daily disinfection of these centres is taking place in addition to advising all medical and administrative staff to keep social distancing and wear facemasks and gloves all the time."

Within the same context, the Security Media Department at the Ministry of Interioris continuing their efforts to enhance the workers' awareness of the COVDI-19 pandemic in various languages, urging them to get tested as part of the precautionary measures taken at the country level to bring the novel virus under control.


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