Abu Dhabi had the best response to the coronavirus pandemic: Report

Abu Dhabi had the best response to the coronavirus pandemic: Report

Abu Dhabi has bagged the first position for its response to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic among 25 leading cities of the world in a survey done by London based analytical consortium--the Deep Knowledge Group.

The efforts put together to combat the dreaded virus from its peak to its degradation pattern have been commendable and even on the world level, its initiatives have been spoken highly about. The ranking was finalized after considering 50 parameters, which were more widely distributed in five categories.

The broad categories include healthcare and economy and it also analyses the response of the emirate during the pandemic while also keeping the public utilities and economy intact. Abu Dhabi has emerged as a leader among various cities in fighting the covid-19 pandemic and also emerged as a winner in keeping the health and safety of the community as its priority.

The emirate has continued to implement stringent precautionary measures to ensure the safety of people and has also made sure that while pandemic is still in force, economics does not suffer much so that it shakes the very basis of the community. It guaranteed stimulus packages that provide critical and ongoing support to each sector that is suffering.

If not anything, the emirate ensured that necessary medical supplies and food supplies are being distributed. The basis of the ranking set up by the DKG was considering the efficiency of the cities in effectively handling the pandemic.

The cities were assessed on healthcare management which includes efficient infrastructure to carry out procedures and also making beds and services available to the patients. Apart from this effectiveness of the diagnostic system is a huge responsibility. The other factors that were considered were an effective quarantine system and the economic support for people who were quarantined.

Abu Dhabi also has one of the best vaccination rates and earlier it also topped the testing rates in the emirate. Vaccination rates include the number of vaccines available and the healthcare centers that are administering the vaccine shots. Government efficiency and resilience also made it to the list. The government had to ensure that alternative methods to services are being guaranteed so that the community does not face many difficulties.

In the list, Abu Dhabi was followed by Seoul, Sydney, Singapore, Ottawa, and Berlin. The response from the Abu Dhabi government made sure that the positive rate of the virus attack is less and even the testings were made sure to continue to be on a rise.

The new initiatives launched by the Abu Dhabi government considered the vulnerable group by prioritizing free testing and health check-ups and also distributing millions of free meals to those in need.

Even in the United Arab Emirates, the capital has emerged as a winner in the vaccination program campaign through which it inoculated more than half of its eligible population for delivery of vaccines also the emirate has established the Hope consortium, which is responsible for delivering millions of vaccines doses all around the world. 


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