Abu Dhabi grants ‘Emergency Department’ status to Burjeel Medical City

Abu Dhabi grants ‘Emergency Department’ status to Burjeel Medical City

Abu Dhabi based Burjeel Medical City has announced receiving the Emergency Department license issued by Department of Health - Abu Dhabi (DoH).

Burjeel Medical City CEO, John Sunil, thanked Department of Health for granting the Emergency Department status to the hospital. He added that as medical institute their responsibility is to provide the community with utmost care and service, and the The Emergency Department status will further help them provide for the community.

The DoH certification for the emergency department is a critical development for Burjeel Medical City, which aspires to revolutionise the UAE's healthcare landscape by redefining the concept of care and wellness. The certification will aid the hospital in addressing the emergency healthcare requirements of individuals in Abu Dhabi and elsewhere.

The emergency department is led my exceptional doctors trained and certified from North America. Equipped with round the clock pediatric care, emergency care, resuscitation beds, telemetry beds and much more. The medical institute uses a fast - track zone to prioritize cases, minor emergencies are sent to fast track zone.

Dr. Zuhair Al Sharafi, Director and Head of the Emergency Department at Burjeel Medical City, said, "At Burjeel Medical City, we are capable and equipped with all the resources to take care of the healthcare needs of any emergency case – adult or paediatric – coming to us. Our doctors and nurses are extensively trained and experienced. We are committed and dedicated to ensuring efficient, and safe emergency care round-the-clock.”


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