Abu Dhabi-DoH partners with Pfizer to train health researchers, workers

Abu Dhabi Doh Partners With Pfizer To Train Health Researchers Workers

Abu Dhabi’s Department of Health (DoH) has partnered with Pfizer to strengthen expertise in clinical trials and medical processes in view of the rising health risks due to the Omicron COVID-19 variant.

According to an announcement made on Thursday, the biopharmaceutical company will provide training to up to 150 clinical researchers as part of the collaboration. It will further provide necessary support to the DoH in establishing a training curriculum to foster the early phases of clinical trials and drug development in the emirate. The collaboration will also enhance research efforts and medical processes in the emirate.

Participants of the trial will be given adequate training in technologies and artificial intelligence tools to bolster the process of drug discovery. The department is seeking to train 500 qualified clinical researchers by 2025 through such collaborations and initiatives with relevant international organisations.

Dr Jamal Al Kaabi, undersecretary of the DoH-Abu Dhabi, expressed excitement about the collaboration with Pfizer, stating that it focuses on conducting safe and efficient early-stage clinical trials based on the best global practices and international standards.

The UAE launched one of the world's most successful COVID-19 vaccination drives, with 100 of its eligible population having received their first dose. Furthermore, more than 90 percent of the UAE population has received both doses of the vaccine against COVID-19.

Since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic in the UAE, Abu Dhabi has been working tirelessly to ensure the availability of vaccines to all people to enhance their health and safety against the virus.

Last month, the DoH announced the procurement of AstraZeneca's new antibody-drug AZD7442 that helps in fighting infections in high-risk patients.

Dr Al Kaabi expressed DoH's commitment to positioning the emirate as an incubator for innovation in the field of life sciences and as a leading healthcare destination in the world.

“We do this by providing a legislative environment that attracts and motivates research and innovation in health care, enhancing the means of co-operation that join Abu Dhabi with global partners, and continuing to roll out promising clinical trials and research projects," the official added.

Pfizer's Lindsey Dietschi also hailed Abu Dhabi's robust and sustainable healthcare system that fosters innovation in research and development. She showed faith in Abu Dhabi's vision to deliver various medical breakthroughs and ensure healthier communities in the country and across the world. 

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