Up to 38.8% discount on COVID-19 tests in Abu Dhabi

Up to 38.8% discount on COVID-19 tests in Abu Dhabi

the Government's COVID-19 testing centers in Abu Dhabi have implemented a free testing system for new categories, while other screening and testing centers have reduced post-entry to the emirate PCR tests prices to AED 220, instead of (AED 360), a 38.8% reduction.

These reductions coincide with the Emergency, Crisis and Disaster Management Committee of the Corona pandemic's update for entering The Emirate of Abu Dhabi, a PCR or DPI laser examination is performed to enter the Emirate within 48 hours of receiving the negative test result, PCR nose swab is mandatory on the fourth day of entry only when staying in the Emirate for 4 consecutive days or more, and a PCR test on the 8th day of entry only when staying 8 consecutive days or more, in addition to fourth day test.

During a field visit to the Abu Dhabi's Leading Covid-19 Assessment Center at the Abu Dhabi Exhibition Center (ADNEC), VISION, monitored free check-ups for people in the Purple Zone, some patients were returning from travelling from outside the country on the 12th day to check if they can circulate , and patients getting tested again after the first negative result.Although the number of people wanting to get tested reached about 800 in the purple zone at 2 p.m., the waiting time does not exceed 30 minutes, and perhaps much lower for those arriving after 2 p.m.The Abu Dhabi Stem Cell Centre in The Al Nahyan Camp area of Abu Dhabi has reduced testing fees for those wishing to check periodically from AED 180 to AED 110.The screening center in the Camp Al Nahyan area near Dalma Park receives thousands daily from all categories of government agencies and institutions, several categories of jobs, particularly front line workers benefit from the fees waver program.

Since the announcement of the coronavirus testing centers in the country, testing rates have gradually dropped from 370 Dirhams to 250 Dirhams and then to 180 Dirhams in the past months, falling to 110 Dirhams this month."Vision" reached out to about 3 hospitals and private health centers to check their prices of PCR, the prices of Al Mazrouei Hospital started from AED 100, 110 dirhams for Menlabas Laboratory, and 180 Dirhams for Birjeel Hospital .On a similar level, health centers have provided special prices for corona tests, and overcome barriers Long waits in advance booking lists by carrying out home checks a few hours after contact.These special centers compete with their counterparts from private hospitals and government screening centers paid to provide corona screening for people who wish to check on their health or obtain the result of the examination in order to enter The Emirate of Abu Dhabi, which helps to increase the number of tested people in the UAE.

For their part, citizens and residents asserted that reducing the prices of PCR tests would encourage many people to take the required examination, whether to check on their health state or move between Abu Dhabi and the Emirates of the country or even drop kids to school, pointing out that the variety of examination options and prices is in everyone's interest.

Hamad Al Balushi said that reducing the price of the nose tests encourages business owners to continue their work in all the emirates of the country, especially with the need to perform the nose tests twice on the fourth and eighth day of returning to Abu Dhabi.

Ali Shukry mentioned that schools require PCR tests to drop kids to school, which require from us to be examined periodically, pointing out that reducing the price of the test to 110 Dirhams is considered reasonable and affordable.

Sharif Mohammed believes that a 110 or even 180 Dirhams test, and in some cases free, is reasonable, whether to check on the general health of family members or even to move from an emirate to another.

the laser DPI remains the cheapest examination, it does not exceed 50 Dirhams to detect suspected cases of "Covid-19" virus, and it is used for granting entry to the Emirate of Abu Dhabi, the tests takes barely few seconds to be performed, the only problem is booking an appointment, which can take up to many days to be booked.

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