UAE Welcomes Russia Residents At The Dubai International Airport

UAE Welcomes Russia Residents At The Dubai International Airport

A Russian tourist group successfully went through a custom clearance at the Dubai International Airport travelling into the UAE. This is the first group clearance after resumption of flights at the Dubai Airport.

His Excellency Major General Mohamed Ahmed Al-Marri, Director General of the General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs in Dubai, revealed that the GDRFA Dubai issued one million and 678 thousand visas to Russians from 2018 until September 8 this year. Meanwhile, about 800,000 Russian visitors granted visas on arrival during the same period of time. 

Since 2018, the number of Russian residents coming to Dubai has increased three times from 7280 to 21838. According to Marri, UAE is general and the Emirate of Dubai in particular is the most preferred destination for Russians.

Due to the fact that UAE is an open and all embracing nation, people of various nationalities find it easy to come here and stay. Also because the UAE has maintained strict vigil over its Covid-19 control numbers, it has shown a success rate of still being a preferred destination for the foreign traveler. It has not only been responsible with its own but shows utmost care and solidarity for the wellbeing of residents of other nationalities too.

Speaking to the local media, H.E Major General Mohammed Al Marri said,"We have national cadres of front-line heroes who are qualified to speak in different languages, including Russian, Chinese and French, in addition to Arabic, English and other languages, to facilitate communication with travelers and customers of various nationalities and achieve the highest levels of happiness for them."

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