UAE to provide emergency response training to frontliners

UAE to provide emergency response training to frontliners

The UAE has launched a unique initiative to train frontline heroes and volunteers in order to build their skills and expertise. The "Jaheziya initiative" is aimed at building an advanced network of emergency response experts in the UAE. Jointly organized by the Sheikha Fatima Bint Mubarak’s Volunteer Programme and the Frontline Heroes Office, the initiative gives all frontline heroes in the country access to internationally accredited training programs for emergency response and disaster management.

The ‘unconventional medical training’ adopts the highest international standards to prepare and train participants for various potential emergencies, such as infectious diseases, epidemics, fire, natural disasters, and even nuclear accidents.

As per reports, around 2,000 UAE frontliners have registered for the initial phase of the Jaheziya training program as of now. The authorities are targeting at least 8,000 frontline professionals and volunteers to participate in the first phase of the program.

Significantly, the program is open to all specialized medical staff, paramedics, rescue team members, volunteers, along with professionals working in various emergency and crisis response departments, who have registered themselves in the Frontline Heroes’ registry.

In this regard, Noura Khalifa Al Suwaidi, secretary-general of the General Women’s Union, noted that the program has been developed and approved by some of the world's leading international institutions. She added that the initiative aims to integrate the performance of all frontliners in medical and non-medical emergencies in order to establish a robust and flexible network of volunteers who are willing to work in a unified framework during unprecedented crises and emergencies.

Al Suwaidi underlined that the authorities have designed the Jaheziya program to meet the standards of training provided by prominent American universities. She further affirmed that participants who complete the program will get an accredited certificate from a group of leading institutions that have specialized in emergency crisis and disaster management, such as the British Life Support Group, the American Academy of Family Physicians, the National Foundation for Life Support in Disasters, and the American Foundation for International Life Trauma Support.

Under the Jaheziya program, participants can avail benefits from a wide of specialized courses, including an e-learning course for a medical emergency and disaster response; the international trauma life support course; basic and advanced life support in crises course; life support course for pregnant women; and medical response course for major accidents and disasters.

As part of the program, all trainees are required to undergo 60 hours of virtual and field training across all courses. Participants can also go for monthly seminars and weekly courses for increased learning. All specialized medical staff at local hospitals will receive field training through various mobile training centers spread across the Emirates. After each stage of the program, all trainees will be required to pass specialized tests in order to achieve the certificates.

Professor Maha Barakat, director-general of the Frontline Heroes Office, has underlined that the initiative supports frontline volunteers with the highest standards of training to help them in progressing in their professional lives. At the same time, it provides the necessary tools to all frontliners to empower them to serve humanity on the frontline, Professor Barakat added.

Dr. Adel Al Shamri Al Ajmi, ‘Jaheziya’ program Director, expressed pride in the efforts of the UAE's frontline heroes who have been dedicatedly working towards protecting the UAE and its citizens in times of crisis.

"The Jaheziya program will contribute to enhancing their skills through its comprehensive training services," Dr. Al Ajmi added.

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