UAE records all-time low in daily COVID-19 cases in months

UAE records all-time low in daily COVID-19 cases in months

The UAE on Sunday witnessed a record low in the number of daily COVID-19 cases in more than a year. According to latest figures, UAE recorded 620 COVID-19 infections on September 12, that is seen as a major boost to the ongoing national efforts aimed at combating the impact of the pandemic in the country.

The country last recorded a significant low in the number of COVID-19 cases on September 7, 2020 with 470 infections.

In addition, the UAE saw zero deaths due to COVID-19 on Sunday for the second time in many weeks. Notably, the UAE has one of the lowest death rates (0.2%) due to COVID-19 in the world. It is essentially lower than the global average death toll of about 2 percent.

It is the UAE's proactive strategy of mass testing and nationwide vaccination that helped in curbing the spread of the virus and minimizing infections due to the disease. COVID-19 cases have been decreasing to record lows since August 1.

The month of August saw a massive 62 percent decline in daily COVID-19 infections compared to the start of the year when new cases hit 4000-mark in January. Reportedly, daily infections dropped below the 1,000-mark on August 24 after several months and the downward trend has continued since then.

In view of its national inoculation efforts, the UAE has achieved the highest percentage of fully vaccinated residents globally at 79 percent along with the highest vaccine dose distribution rate at 190.86 doses per 100 people in the world. 

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