UAE leads the healthcare system, becomes a pioneer in fighting COVID-19 pandemic across the Emirates

The United Arab Emirates has been providing exemplary models of healthcare system in fight against the coronavirus. With taking mass precautionary measures being implemented across the country, based on the guidelines by World Health Organization, like social distancing, hygiene measures and handwashing are being paced up to prevent the incidents of infection and controlling its spread. Moreover, increased testing is also helping keep a check on the cases tally along with widespread contact tracing. Proper guidelines and protocol are in place across the hospitals and healthcare facilities in UAE to treat the detected cases in an efficient manner.

Even before the virus had started its cases tally in the country, the Ministry of Health and Community Protection had begun the research collaborating with other health agencies in UAE. The plan of action included preparing for epidemic or pandemic situation, with some primary health care centers being converted to facilities providing 24 hour emergency services. The framework was established to facilitate coordination between the hospitals and bed to patient ratio tally.

The most active and pioneering preparation by UAE has been establishment of Covid wards and field hospitals. The instituting of field hospitals has been accelerated to enhance the healthcare system and support the hospitals threshold. Currently, there are more than 130 hospitals and over 150 primary health care centers. The medical and nursing staff at these facilities are supported by over 10,000 volunteers, who are tirelessly working at the frontline providing their assistance as efficiently as possible.

The healthcare structure of country is supported by highly qualified medical professionals, reinforced by the esteemed leaders of the UAE who are providing the guided path in fight against coronavirus pandemic.

With over 25,000 doctors in the country rendering their services to patient care, the ratio stands at 2.6 doctors per thousand people in Emirates.

Death rate in UAE stands at one of the lowest globally with 0.6%, with majority of deceased cases due to Covid-19 having co-morbidities like chronic heart conditions.

The medical professionals in the country have shown exemplary medical services in fields while rendering patient care. More than 2000 citizen medical staff have high qualifications in pandemics and infectious diseases.

Archetypal reaction to crisis management

The government has continuously followed transparency towards media when providing information regarding country’s coronavirus fight and numbers with complete disclosure of data.

The country has wisely reacted towards following the life normalcy while dealing with pandemic. The continued education with online schools using Advanced infrastructure program is one such example. Furthermore, the launch of large stimulus package to support economy has been highly benefitting for banks and business sector.

The UAE has established one of the largest coronavirus diagnostic laboratory in world. This enables the health ministry to continue with high follow-up and screening tests as recommended by WHO to stay ahead the infection spread rate.

Lockdown measures

The country followed gradual lockdown measures since the beginning of pandemic. The restrictive movements were applied in one region while all the other areas were guided towards “social distancing” and non-exodus mode on with home restraining, except for people with mental health conditions. For assisting these individuals, Ministry of Health and Community Protection provided remote support and psychological assistance with appropriate counselling.

Continued Humanitarian efforts

UAE has been consistent in providing medical and food aid as a part of its humanitarian efforts while supporting countries in their fight against Covid-19 pandemic spread.

In an interview to Emirates news agency WAM, Assistant undersecretary for Heath Centers and Clinics in the Ministry of Health and Community Protection, His Excellency Dr. Hussein Abdul Rahman Al-Rand said that lauding of UAE’s continuous fight against the virus by WHO indicates the country’s abilities and strength to combat the coronavirus spread.  

His Excellency further elaborated that with scarcity of medical resources around countries, UAE has been supplying aid to affected nations. This indicates the stockpile of emergency aid present in UAE as a part of emergency proactive strategy.

Wide network of hospitals, laboratories and healthcare facilities

As a precautionary and preparedness measure against the virus, government has raised awareness and guidelines across hospitals and health centers. The Ministry has increased the isolation rooms in hospitals as a preparatory measure. The latest innovative treatment methods adopted in UAE hospitals are pioneer in the world.

Laboratories network under the Ministry of Health and Community Protection is the largest in world in relation to international quality adoption, which is ISO 15189. This has further strengthened UAE’s global standing in healthcare domain by conducting highest number of tests for Covid-19.

The UAE network laboratories have further reinstated their precedence by adopting internationally acclaimed testing modalities for Covid-19 cases.

Adopting Telemedicine – the evolving face of healthcare

Telemedicine, the modern technology of advanced medical services is being adopted by UAE at a wide scale with use of technology assisted applications. This model has successfully reduced the waiting time in medical offices and reduced visiting patients, thus relaxing the healthcare system for better preparedness to Covid-19 cases and other serious ailments.

Emirates Integrated Communications Company “du” provides electronic prescriptions, e-claims, remote patient monitoring and a telemedicine platform, in collaboration with hospitals.

“Actest” services, which is the first service platform enabling monitoring and treating diabetes is also widely being used in the country. “Medo Pad” is another platform that enables monitoring of vitals remotely and analyzing them.

In the remote areas, Ministry has adopted these digital platforms providing telemedicine services with over 170 electronic services been achieved.

Reaching out to enable community awareness

Educating and empowering the community while keeping them educated and resourceful with required support is the key to UAE’s successful fight against coronavirus pandemic.

A national education platform is launched by the government with an information center regarding coronavirus with slogan “Your health is our duty.” The prime objective of this platform is to render updated and right information to citizens with right awareness and precautions to be taken, while emitting any gap for supposed rumors or false information. This database contains all recommendations and guidelines by WHO to combat and prevent coronavirus infection.

A nationwide smart questionnaire is also launched by the government to assess general awareness among citizens regarding pandemic.

UAE has been proactive and consistent in its efforts to prevent and combat the COVID-19 pandemic. While empowering and supporting its citizens with right approach and progressive enactments, the continuous humanitarian efforts to support countries in need in their fight against pandemic, puts UAE as a pioneer in its fight and standing against the global pandemic. The country truly believes in the concept of “Together we can and we will.” 

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