Social media COVID-19 campaign launched by Sawab Centre

Sawab Centre launches COVID-19 campaign

The Sawab Centre has launched a new online social media campaign from June 10 to June 17. This campaign would be operating on hashtag #ForceOfHumanity on Centre’s social media platforms Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.

Sawab Centre’s new campaign focuses on the hope and solidarity shared across the world during COVID-19 pandemic and the common struggle to fight it. On the contrary Daesh and other extremist groups continue to spread messages of death and destruction.

A recent video by Sawab urges parents to be aware and keep an eye on who their children are interacting with through online platforms. Furthermore, it reminds people to warn their children about the dangerous online radicalism and to stay away from such sources.

Sawab has more than eight million followers who oppose violence and extremism in all forms and supports the efforts taken by Sawab to expose Daesh’s brutal terrorism and criminal actions.

Sawab Centre said, “Join us in opposing Daesh’s evil and destructive ways as we remain #UnitedAgainstExtremism.”

Sawab Centre was founded in 2015 as a collaboration by the U.S. and UAE governments. The prime agenda of Sawab is to neutralize and defy the violent and extremist buildup ideologies and advertising on various social media platforms from Daesh and other extremist groups. 


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