Planning about post Covid-19 world continues as Chamber members take charge

Planning about post Covid-19 world continues as Chamber members take charge

Even though the coronavirus pandemic is still very much in force, the United Arab Emirates is already preparing the post-covid-19 world. The Chambers of commerce are looking at innovating and adapting their strategies in a way that could lead the way for the world after the coronavirus pandemic.


During a Chamber Connect Series event, the chamber leaders and executives satiated that there are innovative measures that are being ensured to prepare the world after the Cororovirus. It was a virtual meeting titled "Reframed: Designing Member Strategies for Tomorrow’s Chambers."


The virtual meet saw delegations from 38 countries. There were 126 delegates including Hamad Buamin, who is the president and CEO of Dubai Chamber of Commerce and Industry and Chair of the ICC-World Chambers Federation. The participants noted that after the economies reopened, the concept of ‘business as usual," was no longer in function.


The committee added that there is a shift of business activities to virtual channels. It has essentially changed the way that the chambers engaged with their respective business communities. With the news directives, the chamber has reportedly become more strategic, efficient, and proactive in interactions with their business. They also talked about newer ways to remove the trade barriers to trade.


Buamin explained how Covid-19 proved to be a catalyst in leading global chambers to return to basics. He added, “Now is the time to recognize digital innovation as a critical component in changing chambers for the better. While digital transformation has been a talking point for years, the pandemic underlined the fact that a ‘digital-first’ approach is no longer a luxury - but a necessity.”


He further stated that pandemic might also help the chamber to be more prepared for the future. The event is being conducted with an aim to shape the dialogue and agenda for the 12th World Chambers Congress, said Dubai Chamber’s President and CEO. The event will be held in Dubai between 23rd and 25th November 2021 and the theme will be ‘Generation Next: Chambers 4.0’.


The chamber members believe that there is no size that fits all. Watson, a senior official, said that member organizations have to either adapt or go out of existence. “The chamber is looking at providing tailored support to companies, considering where they are on their business journey,” she added.


The discussion also concluded that virtual events have made it easier for chambers to engage and connect more and more with business communities so that they can increase their reach and growth. The newfound digital-savvy chambers will now be looking at attracting new members, which will mostly be tech-based corporations.


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