Massive Covid-19 awareness drive executed by Sharjah via drones

Massive Covid-19 awareness drive executed by Sharjah via drones

Sharjah has rolled out a large-scale awareness campaign executed by the local emergency crisis and disaster team and the Air Wing Department of the General Directorate of Security Support at the Ministry of Interior.

This campaign aims to inform community members regarding the Covid-19 virus and this large-scale campaign includes broadcasting direct awareness messages. This will be ensured by police patrolling units and drones and air patrolling will also be done to monitor compliance with preventive and precautionary measures.

The campaign will be aimed at limiting the spread of viruses in the emirate while also ensuring that safety guidelines are also being followed by the individuals. It will be a multilingual campaign so that it caters to the diverse population of the emirate, confirmed by a local team.

The campaign was launched on Friday afternoon and used police patrols and drones and also broadcasted through loudspeakers. As per reports, nearly 35 sites were covered during this process and this included the industrial zones and mosque courtyards, which were covered before and after the Friday prayer.

Apart from this, aerial monitoring was also conducted using drones and aerial photography by the Air Wing, which essentially shows the commitment of the authorities towards ensuring precautionary measures. These activities were reported live to central operations of Sharjah Police, who also conducted a follow-up and evolution.

The UAE has already started a vaccination drive and is among the fastest nations to administer vaccines to people and this one one of the other aims of the campaign. The team explained that they have also propagated the idea of getting vaccinations in the designated vaccination centers assigned by the competent authorities.

The campaign asked the public to cooperate with the ongoing pandemic by adhering to the precautionary measures set by the authorities. Certain guidelines were put across by the minister of Interior and the National Emergency Crisis and Disasters Management Authority (NCEMA) aimed at maintaining the safety and health of people and the campaign focused on following those measures.


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