Here’s what you can do to get vaccination certificate after completing you vaccination course

Here’s what you can do to get vaccination certificate after completing you vaccination course

A vaccination card or certificate in the United Arab Emirates guarantees you a certain level of freedom from the strict measures against the coronavirus pandemic in the Emirati nation. But many people are wondering how to get the vaccination certificate and where to check the whole process.

This is because the number of fully vaccinated people is continuously increasing. These people are now seeking to travel and for that, they will need to submit a vaccine certificate and proof that they have completed the vaccination course.

The vaccination campaign was rolled out last year in December by the UAE’s Ministry of Health and Prevention along with the Abu Dhabi’s Health Services Company Seha and Dubai Health Authority(DHA). If people have received the vaccine shots from one of the many health care centers operated by these government authorities, then they can get their certificate following these things.

A mobile application called Alhosn lets you access the information regarding the vaccine practices in the country. The app provides you tons of information about the vaccine doses that have been inoculated to you as well as it also provides you with information regarding the regular covid-19 tests that you should take. The tests can either be PCR or DPI, which is the diffractive phase interferometry.

When you log on to the application and register by using Emirates ID, you can easily get details about the vaccine shots--both of first and second shots. Now to get a certificate, you can go to the share option and on the top right side, there is a symbol of an arrow. The app will now let you share the soft copy of your vaccination card via either email or messaging application.

By whichever health service you have chosen to get vaccinated, you will be able to get an official vaccine certificate through the app itself. For others who have been vaccinated at a ministry of health and prevention center, the certificate can be accessed through a vaccination center with the timings and dates.

This card can guarantee you immunity and proof as a safety measurement for travel purposes because it has the MOHAP seal. The seal is only stamped after the second dose of vaccines.

The certificate can also be gathered by Seha application for those who have been administered vaccines in Abu Dhabi Health Services Company. First, you have to download the Seha application, after you select a language then you can go to the ‘other Seha services’. From there you can select the Covid-19 report and download the vaccine certificate.

People who have been administered vaccine shots at the Dubai Health Authority health centers download the DHA application and then log in to your account through the MRN number. Then you can follow the same process and click on the Covid-19 vaccination card and download the certificate. 

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