G42 Healthcare launches research subsidiary with clinical trials focus

G42 Healthcare launches research subsidiary with clinical trials focus

 G42 Healthcare, a subsidiary of Abu Dhabi's artificial intelligence and cloud computing company Group 42, has launched a research subsidiary that will focus on healthcare research and therapeutics. A contract research organization offers support to the pharmaceutical, biotechnology and medical device industries through research services that are outsourced on contract.


“The new company, Insights Research Organisation and Solutions, will use real-world data and artificial intelligence to support scientific research and conduct clinical trials to access to treatments,” G42 Healthcare said.


Abu Dhabi has recently been ranked at top in a global ranking of 50 cities for its pandemic response. The capital city has invested significantly in life sciences and pharmaceuticals to its economy post-pandemic.


Earlier this year, Abu Dhabi state holding company ADQ bought a minority stake in India's Biocon Biologics and also acquired Pharmax Pharmaceuticals, a UAE-based generic drugs manufacturer. The state-owned company also amalgamated its healthcare Rafed and Union71 with Dubai-based Pure Health - that provides Covid-19 screening services.


“The new organisation will enhance Abu Dhabi’s capabilities and spotlight its contributions in developing medical solutions and leading research at a global level,” G42 Healthcare said. “With the increasing incidence of chronic diseases, cancer and haematological disorders that require life-saving drugs, the Mena region needs a sustainable and robust clinical research infrastructure,” Walid Zaher, chief executive of Iros and chief research officer at G42 Healthcare, said.


“The UAE has an immense capacity for research and the substrate to develop a strong regulatory framework, which makes it an ideal location to build a CRO to service the needs of the region. With its surrounding population size and diversity in genetic and lifestyle, Iros has the perfect to foster research and testing, leading to innovative new drugs and therapies.”


The Department of Health of Abu Dhabi has lauded the initiative, that aims to combine efforts of the public and private sectors to use advanced infrastructure of the emirate to help enhance its healthcare medical research capabilities. “Iros will help enhance Abu Dhabi’s position as an incubator for innovation and scientific research, especially in the health sector that continues to evolve so that the emirate becomes one of the leading global destinations for looking to work in the sector, visit for treatment purposes or invest in healthcare,” Asmaa Al Mannai, executive director of research and innovation at the Department of Health, Abu Dhabi, said.


The population diversity in the UAE and the GCC is a big advantage in clinical trials to help establish safety and efficacy of new drugs, vaccines and other therapeutic products across different individuals, the statement added.


G42 Healthcare established Biogenix Labs, the UAE’s Covid-19 accredited large-scale throughput laboratory. It also facilitated the 4Humanity clinical trials, the world’s first Phase 3 trial for a vaccine to fight against coronavirus participated by over 43,000 volunteers.


G42 owns and operates the world’s 26th-most powerful supercomputer. It is carrying out high-level fundamental and applied research into AI along with developing cloud computing.

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