Emirates Diplomatic Academy grows stronger after COVID-19

Emirates Diplomatic Academy grows stronger after COVID-19

On the occasion of International Day of Education on January 24, Emirates Diplomatic Academy (EDA) Deputy Director-General Dr. Mariam Ibrahim Al Mahmoud issued a statement, highlighting the exceptional measures taken by the Academy in response to the COVID-19 crisis.

In the statement, Dr. Mariam said that the EDA adopted all means and tools of communication available in the digital space to carry out all tasks on its agenda. Implemented in view of the unprecedented global circumstances imposed by the COVID-19 pandemic, these measures helped in opening new horizons towards innovation and production across the education sector.

Dr. Mariam also asserted that the EDA continued to host experts, diplomats and leaders from all over the world during the pandemic circumstances in order to ensure that its students can benefit from their expertise. The EDA worked towards the new direction of the UAE aimed at developing the largest strategic plan for its next fifty years.

"Our virtual platform 'Diplomacy for the Next 50 Years' came to incorporate two of our main priorities," she added.

In conclusion, she said that the Coronavirus pandemic has taught us several lessons that will be significant in building a sustainable future where all members of the community will contribute, just like the EDA and other institutions in the education sector have been doing.


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